MoP - Management of Portfolios

Portfolio Management is a discipline whose time has come - the importance of prioritization of projects and programmes to achieve real benefits is vitally important as organizations face the challenge: "do more, with less."

Advantage Learning ran the world's first MoP course. Our expert MoP certified trainers will help you get MoP qualified now on our public schedule classes - or at your company site, anywhere in the world.

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MoP is the Portfolio Management standard available which enables you to:

  • Run the right projects and programmes, delivering a measurable contribution to strategic objectives
  • Remove redundant and duplicate projects and programmes
  • Realize benefits that align with corporate strategy
  • Report effectively to improve transparency, accountability and corporate governance

Real savings, benefits and improvements are possible with effective Portfolio Management:

  • A portfolio management approach in the UK Criminal Justice System was credited with increasing benefits by 300%
  • The Harvard Business Review reported that SmithKline Beecham used Portfolio management to increase the expected value of its drug development portfolio by $2.6bn (25%)
  • Researchers at MIT reported cost saving of 40% using 'synchronized' Portfolio Management

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