PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams

PRINCE2 exams are normally taken as part of your PRINCE2 Training Course.  You do not have to arrange and pay for a separate exam and you take the test while the information is fresh in your mind.  All our course costs include exam fees.  There are 2 exams:

Foundation Exam

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is a 1 hour, 75 question, multiple choice paper, designed to test your knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2.  It is closed book format.

5 of the 75 questions will be trial questions and not counted.

All the questions are based on the PRINCE2 Manual: "Managing Successful Projects"

During PRINCE2 courses, papers are marked immediately and results given out by the Trainer.  These are subject to confirmation by the examining body.

The pass mark is 35 / 70 marks - 50%.  Very few candidates run out of time and 99% of candidates pass.  There is a link between a candidate's score in the Foundation exam and their chance of passing the Practitioner.  The better your Foundation knowledge of PRINCE2, the better chance you have of applying it in the Practitioner.  So, if you are taking the Practitioner exam, you should aim for the highest score you can in the Foundation paper.

Practitioner Exam

The Practitioner exam is a 2.5 hour, 8 question paper based on a case study.  It is designed to test your ability to evaluate and apply PRINCE2 to a real life scenario. You can refer to the PRINCE2 manual during this exam.

There are 10 points per question and all questions have to be answered.  To take the Practitioner exam you must have passed the Foundation.  This does not have to be on the same course.

Practitioner exam questions follow an Objective Testing format and are answered by marking a, b, c etc. on a special answer sheet, which is then marked by computer.  The questions are broken into several parts, each with a different style of questions:  these may require you to match different elements of PRINCE2 together, put them in sequence or identify multiple choices from the scenario information given.  You can answer the questions in any order.

On Advantage Learning training courses we start practicing for the Practitioner exam on Day 1 and Day 4 is dedicated to exam tips, technique and practice.

Completed exam papers are sent for marking and results are given to Accredited Training Organizations within 4 - 6 weeks.  Accredited Training Organizations release the results to their candidates and then they are placed on a public register of successful candidates.

The pass mark is 55%.

When you pass the Practitioner you can call yourself a "Registered PRINCE2 Practitioner", but you do not have the right to use the PRINCE2 logo, which is a protected trademark.

Successful PRINCE2 Practitioners have to sit a Re-Registration exam between 3 and 5 years of their original paper.  This is a 1 hour, 3 questions paper similar to the Practitioner exam.  This re-certification system has the same purpose as PMI PDUs - to keep a certified Practitioner's knowledge current.

Unsuccessful candidate are told their scores and examiners provide a sheet of feedback.  If you take the Foundation and Practitioner exams in the same week, and pass both, you only receive the Practitioner certificate.  If you take the exams in different weeks you get 2 certificates.

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