Cheap PRINCE2 training - a Tragedy from Greece

Years ago my family went on holiday to the Greek island of Zakynthos.  Unlike the other Greek islands this one is off the west coast of Greece so it is greener and cooler.  It's really nice.  We stayed in one of the tourist resorts which had 2 main areas:  the hotels and the beach.  Every day we tourists got up, splashed on the sunscreen and headed for the sand. 

There was one street leading to the beach and it was jam packed with restaurants and cafes selling egg and chips, sausage and chips and all the stuff the British like to eat when they go abroad.  The traders were all competing against each other to get in as many tourists as they could.

We chose the best

The most visible shop owner stood outside his property and his catch phrase was "the best food."  He'd say "we have the best food" or "the best food, come in..." and wave at people as they went past.  His energy was amazing and he made you smile in the morning.  You couldn't miss him - he was there all day long and, after a bit, he knew your face.  He'd wave and say hello and we'd say we'd eaten or just "good morning" and keep walking. 

Mostly we ate at places which the tour guide recommended (they were really good) or we went for the ones with a few people in and which had nice decor.

On one of the last days we decided to give "the best food" a go.  We thought he'd earned it - all that marketing he was doing and "the best" was going to be good anyway. 

What we got

I still remember the breakfast sausages were hot dog sausages out of a can.  The portions weren't very big and the coffee was average.  But by then we'd eaten and paid for it.  In a British way we didn't complain but the disappointment was huge. We'd been promised "the best" and it didn't come close. 

Our friend was spending his energy on marketing and not on the quality of his product.  It was a real let down. 

Cheap PRINCE2 training providers today

If you are looking for cheap PRINCE2 training today it won't take you long to find people like my cafe owning friend.  Google will tell you that the "guaranteed lowest price" course is held at a "luxury" venue and the organisation providing this course has "very high pass rates."

These promises can't all be true.  Luxury and cheap are opposites and we've written about fact and fiction in PRINCE2 pass rates before.  The reality is that organisations who promise "cheap luxury" training often have convictions or complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority or County Court Judgements.

Cheap PRINCE2 training providers also tend to have poor feedback on service, venues and trainers

You need to get the best value course while avoiding the false promises which cheap PRINCE2 training offers.  If your PRINCE2 training seems very cheap use this checklist to see if the training company is using any of these tricks and traps to reduce quality as well as price:

  • PRINCE2 manual not provided until Monday morning
  • No exam guarantee
  • No maximum student numbers - over 20 persons in a class is common
  • Lunch not provided

Advantage Learning PRINCE2 Training

Advantage Learning has been providing excellent value PRINCE2 training since 2003.  We're proud of what we do and charge a fair rate for your course.  Here's what you get when you take Advantage of our PRINCE2 training:

  • Excellent, independent, feedback
  • 6 Quality Guarantees to spell out what you get up front
  • PRINCE2 manual shipped as soon as you sign up for the course
  • Personal PRINCE2 trainer assigned to help your prep work
  • Free Foundation exam retake and Practitioner at cost
  • Maximum of 12 Practitioner students per course
  • Courses never cancelled (we have done this for 11 years)
  • Approved by the Scottish Government

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