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“Advantage Learning has trained approximately 50 PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner delegates from NHS Highland. In addition, a number of senior managers have attended management overview sessions at our Headquarters. Course pace was constant and very well explained given the level of material to get through.  The Trainer, delivered lots of information but managed to focus in on the key points within each component. He is an excellent trainer and made what could have been a dry course easy to follow and understand.  The Trainer was very easy to listen to and clearly knew the subject inside out. The excellent presentation helped gain understanding and learning and contributed to my achievement of PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner status.”
Bernadine Silver, Administration Services Manager, NHS Highland, Lochgilphead
“I've just started a new contract as Project Office Manager and the client was waiting for my PRINCE2 exam result before signing the contract. The training helped me in getting this new assignment and promotion as a Manager.”
Nagendra Prasad, Project Office Manager, Corporate IT, Edinburgh
“Following a Best Value review, the Council started a drive to improve project management skills across the organisation. The initial focus was on improving the way IT projects were run and a programme of Prince 2 training was started to support this. We carried out a market review and chose Advantage to provide the training. That was 3½ years ago. The council now has more people with the skills to manage large projects internally and is less reliant on external contractors. We constantly monitor the quality of training and have periodically looked at offerings from other training providers. However, on the basis both of quality and cost, we continue to rely on Advantage to support our programme. They provide consistent quality, of both training and service, and the readiness and capability of Advantage to adapt sessions for particular audiences has set them apart from the other providers we have talked to. To date, Advantage have trained 200 of our staff and staff from neighbouring councils who have joined our courses.”
Stephen Sangster, ITT Business Development Team Manager, City of York Council
““I was one of the first 5 people in the world to be trained in the Management of Portfolios although I didn’t know this would be the case when I signed up for the course. The course was delivered by Advantage Learning over 3 days, with an exam on the final afternoon, and was very interesting and well structured. The trainer was excellent and the other trainees ranged from as far as Brazil and Canada to as close as Crown Office! Although we were thoroughly trained in portfolio management tools and techniques, we also had the opportunity to discuss our own challenges in portfolio management with the trainer and the other trainees. Altogether an excellent course that I can totally recommend to others about to, or already managing portfolios””
Irene Magill, Head of Justice Outcomes Unit, Scottish Government
“Excellent focus on the subject matter; challenging material but explained at a useful level of detail. Excellent references.  SUPERB trainer - world class instruction, knew material IN DEPTH. Related well to attendees.”
William Taylor, Chief IT Strategic Programs, Dept of Homeland Security, Alexandria, Virginia
“Advantage Learning provided accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner training to Northern Constabulary’s AIRWAVE project team in Inverness.  Advantage Learning provided a competitive quote and delivered a professional training course. During the course the trainer was able to effectively relate the theory to real life examples which helped our understanding of the PRINCE2 method. After the training we were delighted that 100% of our delegates passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.  PRINCE2 is now in use by Northern Constabulary in appropriate projects and the important AIRWAVE project was successfully delivered using PRINCE2 principles.”
Paul Fraser, Director of Finance, Northern Constabulary, Inverness
“Excellent trainer, extremely knowledgeable.”
Michael Link PMP, Director PMO, Pomeroy IT Solutions, Inc., Kentucky
“Thank you Mr. Colin Williams for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today.I would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to the high level of preparations and arrangements delivered by Advantage Learning and Six Sigma Brasil partnership. We were very delighted to see this high standard and caliber of your staff, a very professional and friendly training environment indeed”
Paulo Eduardo Sofia, PMP, Project Manager, Hewlett-Packard Brasil Ltda, Sao Paulo, Brasil
“I wanted to thank Advantage Learning for the support given to me in this training.  I enjoyed the course and also meeting the others in the class. I am about to embark on a new project on Lifecycle management and the training is continually popping into my thinking of how to approach this and how to guide the discussions so that we have all that I need from a PRINCE2 perspective.”
Mike Quigley, Project Manager, Agilent Technologies, South Queensferry
“Very good. Packed a month of self-study into four days.”
Tunde Oyewole, Chief Legal Officer, Lagos
“Outstanding trainer, energy and enthusiasm the whole time. Great manners, very articulate, practical approach to PRINCE2.”
Christopher Griffiths, BUPA, Lewes
“Victor was engaging and enthusiastic and very strong knowledge of subject.”
Tim Besko, Customer Service Manager, Manitoba eHealth
“I would just like to express my thanks to Johan Stewart for support and guidance and especially to Steven Gardiner the trainer for all his hard work throughout the week. The course was well delivered which made the concepts much easier to learn. Steven also created an invaluable flow diagram of the Prince 2 process which I found to be excellent (and I intend to use this to help guide projects in the future!). He was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable which made the course interesting and not just hard work!! Again my thanks to Steven and Jo – I would happily recommend this course and provider to friends and colleagues”
Catherine Cunningham, Senior Business Consultant, SEPA, East Kilbride
“I thought the course was extremely well delivered and have already recommended you guys to some friends that are thinking of studying for PRINCE2.”
Richard Sharman, PMO Manager, CIGNA International, Greenock
“I’d like to thank Advantage Learning and the fantastic tutor Steven Gardiner for getting me through the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner exams – with great results!  I’m pleased I opted to attend the class sessions for the week rather than study at home.  I learned so much more from the tutor and the other class members than I would have done on my own.    The pre-course reading materials were invaluable and contributed significantly to my ability to participate and get as much from class time as possible.  The teaching, the group work, the diagrams, the revision sessions all helped.  Steven turned, what could have been a very arduous week, into a fast-paced, interesting and interactive session - keeping us focussed on what was needed to pass the exam.  Thanks to all. ”
Karen Hynd, Project Manager, Kinnochtry Systems Ltd, Edinburgh
“I know when you look at the cost and time of participating in the week's training for 1 x 1 hour exam at the end of the week you think "no, I can do it in the 2 days".  Think again.  If you previously passed PRINCE2 using the 2005 edition, there have been big changes in both the methodology and the format of the exam.  Reading the new manual in isolation is not enough. Taking the week to get the training and exam guidance puts it all into context and genuinely improves your likelihood of passing. ”
Carole Keillor, Facilities Co-ordinator, The Care Commission, Dundee
“The Prince 2 trainer from Advantage Learning was world class!  The small class size allowed for extensive student – teacher interaction.  These two factors contributed greatly to my understanding of the methodology and to my ability to pass the exams.”
Yvon Pitre, Project Executive, NB Internal Services Agency, Fredericton, Canada
“The material was presented at exactly the right pace. Our instructor was passionate about the material and clearly has been applying the method in the real world for some time. He was extremely patient and always took the proper time required to answer our questions in a meaningful way. I really felt that his approach made me understand how the method is meant to be applied, rather than simply learning the material to pass an exam.”
Alexander Wood, Senior Project Manager, xwave, Fredericton
“Paul by far was one of the best instructors I have had; He made very dense material easy to understand and comprehend.”
David Ridley, Project Manager, Column Technologies Inc, Maine
“Paul is an excellent trainer - and tireless!”
Diane Witek, Project Manager, New York City: Information, Techology and Telecoms, New York
“It was hard work but fun and our course lead was great at tailoring to our needs as well as reminding us that "Planet Prince" can be a useful way of living as a project manager.    The facilities and staff at the venue were great and very supportive to us as well. ”
Christina Mackenzie, London
“The course was professionally presented and our trainer made time for every student.  He had years of practical PRINCE2 experience which he used effectively to put theory into practice, which kept us on track to pass the exams, Thanks!”
Tom Millar, Finance Manager, Argyll & Bute Council, Campbeltown
“Advantage Learning did an excellent job in teaching, presenting and explaining a complex subject in a short a space of time. My thanks to them.”
Eugene Smyth
“George was great at explaining all terms.  Great trainer.”
Luthfur Rahman, Help Desk Analyst, Barking
“Yes I was very pleased the way the course was run.  Kate was great and really made a difference.  The course was intense and there was a lot to take in over the four days (and lots to do at night!).  But the way Kate presented really kept the interest levels high, so I would definitely recommend the course to others in my organisation.”
Adam Wadee, Project Manager, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
“Congratulations!  We worked a lot that week!!!  Colin did a great job!!!”
Ozeas Vieira Santana Filho, Gerência de Desenvolvimento, Senac, Sao Paulo, Brasil
“Expert trainer able to relate to real life examples.  An euthusiast for PRINCE2”
Christopher Day, VP Service Nework Engineer, American Express, Brighton
“Taught by an expert and delivered in a way that made the knowledge stick. An intensive week of learning that ensured I achieved a pass mark well above my expectations. Well done Advantage Learning!”
Gareth Thomas, Project Manager, Department of Health, London
“One of the candidates, who has a military background, said he thought the course was like “boot camp for the brain.” I share that opinion,however nothing else would have prepared me so readily for the examinations we were about to sit. The clever use of what is a very short space of time in which to prepare is why I would recommend the Advantage Learning experience to anyone who is considering embarking on a similar adventure.”
“Although the course was hard work, it was also very enjoyable.  Our group was small enough to allow everyone a chance to ask questions but big enough for a good discussion.  Our trainer Steven, was excellent.  He clearly knew the subject inside out and was able to give good real life examples to demonstrate the concepts we were discussing. ”
Susan, Glasgow
“Spot on, never rushed, kept us on task well.”
David Ponton-Brown, Benefits Manager, Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire
“A very intense week at a good pace. Do the pre-course work. A definite - do both the Foundation and Practitioner in the same week. The training was excellent  and the size of the group optimal (6).(There was another Prince2 course running at the same time and they had 25+).   After 12 months being unemployed found employment within 2 weeks. Many thanks to Steven Gardiner, the trainer and all at Advantage Learning. Highly recommended.”
David Gordon, Lanark
“Alvin was very knowledgeable on PRINCE2 and project management in general.   He could relate the training to real life examples.  He took time to cover difficult areas and answered all questions with ease and authority.  The location and facilities provided were excellent.  The training materials provided were of good content and quality.  I would certainly recommend Advantage Learning.”
Willie Milligan, ICT Contract Manager, Glasgow City Council
“Thanks for all your help and support – I’m so glad I got through the Practitioner and that is definitely a testament to my trainer and to all of you at Advantage Learning. I’ve been recommending you to everyone.”
Donna Cullen, Senior Business Analyst, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
“Very effective teaching. Great knowledge. Great teaching methods.”
Paul Wing, Project Manager, Column Technologies Inc, Kanata, Ontario
“I would cheerfully recommend Advantage Learning's PRINCE2 Practitioner course. It is very thorough and challenging, but if you're prepared to put the work in, you'll come away with some invaluable skills.”
Scott Renton, Project Officer, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh
“I attended Advantage Learning’s PRINCE2 course in Edinburgh. The venue was excellent; we were well looked after throughout each day which meant we could focus entirely on the material. Our trainers, Colin and Steven, both clearly knew the PRINCE2 manual inside out, which helped enormously when questions were asked, and there were plenty of questions! A number of examples from their respective careers demonstrated particular points, and the use of pre-prepared slides, the PRINCE2 manual, and off-the-cuff diagrams on a flip chart reinforced each new topic. Together with plenty of practice at the exams before we actually took them, the course was extremely well organized and I’m pleased to say I passed both the Foundation and Practitioner exams at first try with a good understanding of the material and how it related to my own experiences. Since adding PRINCE2 to my CV, I’ve certainly found that more doors are opening up.”
Neil Swanston, Funded by Job Centre Plus, Edinburgh
“I found the course extremely helpful and informative, and enjoyed the active participation. The Advantage Learning tutor was also really encouraging and supportive.  Good experience all round - especially as I passed!”
Scott Gemmell, HR Operations Manager, Hamilton
“One of the best teachers of this type of content I have experienced.”
Martin Lowder, Project Manager, GN Resound (DK), Kastrup
“Advantage Learning offers an excellent training service from the initial contact, through to delivering on promises made after the course.  I attended a Prince 2 Foundation & Practitioner course in Edinburgh and found the instructor to be knowledgeable, engaging and capable of motivating a group of students with varied experience levels.  The examples he used, to support learning, were relevant and he also used experience from the course participants to encourage interaction in the room.  The course itself covers a lot of material and the final exam is challenging therefore it is important that the training is of a high quality and gives attendees confidence.  I have already recommended Advantage Learning to other people based on my personal experience and will use them again for future training requirements.”
Ann-Marie Jamieson, Edinburgh
“I am starting to use some of the PRINCE2 components on existing projects and am already finding it very useful to have a structure to work with and to be able to justify the use of controls and risk management.”
Alison Guest, Project Manager, National Health Service, Oban
“Before attending the course I initially found the amount of information that had to be absorbed a daunting prospect. Once the course started however I changed my mind as the subject was quickly fleshed out by Steven in a refreshingly practical manner. Instigating group discussions at key points was a smart move as it allowed the subject to come alive through anecdotal appraisal. My understanding of the information was then further enhanced through a series of quick quizzes and tests which mimicked the exam situation perfectly.”
Cameron Malcolm
“Short and sharp, no time wasted.”
Douglas Taylor, Project Manager, SAIC, Glasgow
“My experience with Advantage Learning was really positive from the moment I booked on the PRINCE2 course. An initial call explaining the benefits of the pre-course reading turned out to be great advice. During the course I found the trainer to be very knowledgeable and enthusiastic on the subject. He was able to answer our questions and happy to discuss any "real life" scenarios with us. As a result I felt very prepared for the exams that we sat and would recommend Advantage to anyone that wishes to learn project management and PRINCE2.”
Stephen Mackie, Glasgow
“We have undertaken many training courses, both internal and public training courses, and on every occasion the quality of training has been excellent. The trainers are very knowledgeable and by drawing on their own experiences make the courses interesting and enjoyable.  The staff at Advantage Learning are always very friendly and helpful, their standard of service is very high and they will always go out of their way to be of assistance and to accommodate all your requests.”
Lorna Dick, IT Department, AEGON UK, Edinburgh
“Also, more importantly, just a note to offer praise to Steven (you were right, he's first class), the materials and you and the Advantage team. Never been on a course of such high standards... Excellent!”
John McCabe, Architect, Johnstone
“Very impressed with the knowledge, ability and experience of the trainer. Gave me confidence.”
Richard Ormond, Programme Manager, EDS, Hampshire
Deepak Rawat, Senior IT Officer, NHS, Newcastle
“I chose the PRINCE2 course because I wanted to add a more recognisable, certifiable Project Management skill to my CV to couple with my IT project experience and one where it was internationally recognised. PRINCE2 seem the most logical methodology to choose as it has vast recognition as being an excellent methodology to follow for projects. I chose Advantage Learning primarily because of the frequency and location of the training and also at a cost where I felt it was affordable. I was very impressed by the quality and experience of the lecturer and the setup and pace of the course. It is a hard one to do but very very worthwhile when you get the results your hard work merits! A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding course. Well done. Would recommend you to any colleagues I associate with who would be looking to add this skill to their experience.”
Colin Campbell, Consultant, Aberdeen
“Very good approach and instruction.”
Russell Kernaghan, Project Executive, IBM Canada Ltd, Winnipeg, Manitoba
“I really enjoyed the course. Being able to learn in a fun environment facilitates success.”
Brian Cunningham PMP, PgMP, Pomeroy IT Solutions Inc., Hebron, Kentucky
“Awesome instructor! Would have not have done so well on Foundation without Victor.”
Linda Broder-McPhail, Project Manager, Manitoba eHealth
“I attended Advantage Learning's PRINCE2 course in Glasgow and I was impressed. Unlike many courses run by or for employers, this was pretty intensive, with lots of pre-course reading and homework every night. Well worth it though - we all passed both exams and I'm now applying for jobs I wouldn't have looked at before.”
Chris Gould, Funded by Job Centre Plus, Lochwinnoch
“Excellent tutoring”
Ikedichi Kanu, Head of Cash Management, UBA, Lagos
“I thought I would drop you a short note to say how pleased I was with the level of service provided in the pre course communication and excellent standard of training provided by Claudine who made the week very enjoyable and informative whilst ensuring all the skill levels were accommodated.  Thanks, Andrew.”
Andrew Hastings, Funded by Job Centre Plus, Glasgow
“Excellent.  Claudine made the material interesting and presentation was very imformative / painless”
John Helliwell, Project Manager, EDS, Carshalton
“The content is superb.  The trainer has a very good knowledge of the subject matter and was able to disseminate effectively”
Adegbenga Amusa, Head Information Tech, National Bank, Lagos
“Very well organized, good pace.”
Nicole Poirier, Head of Data Systems, City of Ottawa, Gatineau, Quebec
“Advantage Learning promptly provided all the necessary guidance and advice in connection with my proposed PRINCE2 course. I was reassured by the guarantee that booked courses would definitely run.  The instructor took account of our individual backgrounds and varying levels of experience with PRINCE2 and patiently stepped us through the principles and practicalities of their application, drawing on real-life scenarios encountered in the course of actual projects.  Exam preparation was critical to success and I was delighted to secure my Practitioner Certificate.  I have already utilised the training in my quest for the next stage of my career and I am confident that it will enhance my future prospects immensely.  I would recommend Advantage Learning to anyone contemplating a formal PRINCE2 qualification.”
Paul Rodgers, Funded by Job Centre Plus, Clackmannan
“Very good, clear, concise.”
Anjana Chakraborty, London Borough of Barnet
“Content was well done. Paul put me at ease with the help of the materials.”
Len Ramirez, Sr Project Mgr, Column Technologies Inc., Chicago, Illinois
“Thanks to all at Advantage Learning for an excellent PRINCE2 course. The subject was delivered very clearly by Alvin who brought the content together skillfully and provided me with an excellent understanding of PRINCE2.  Thanks again from a happy Practitioner!”
Alan McDonald, IT Project Manager, Glasgow
“Paul did an excellent job.”
Peter McMullen, Regional Manager, Column Technologies Inc, Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia
Farhad Abdollahyan PMP, Cyrus Associados Apoio em Projetos, Sao Paulo
“Excellent course, really enjoyed, lots to take in!! Has helped me understand issues/risks more and my role within the council.”
Debbie Booth, Programme Office Administrator, City of York Council
“Very sound in the concepts of objections and summarizations.”
Daniel Ororiode Aso, NNPC Group, Abuja
“Thanks to you Jo for all your help and support.  Hope Advantage recognise what an asset you are to them.  Alvin is a very knowledgeable and effective instructor.  First class!  I have no hesitation in recommending Advantage Learning.”
June Kavak, Firelink Project Support Officer, Strathclyde Fire & Rescue
“Excellent course facilitation, well coordinated and knowledge of subject matter inspiring confidence.”
Kenneth Nwanze, GM, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Abuja
“Course content is excellent. Subject knowledge of the trainer was very very good.”
Reebu Varghese, Wipro ltd, Abu Dhabi
“My thanks to Kate who was an absolutely outstanding tutor - and great fun to learn from!”
Helen Foster, Head of IS Finance, University of Edinburgh
“The trainer is Excellent. He has a detailed knowledge of PRINCE2 and is able to communicate this effectively.”
Gideon Obhakhan, MTN, Lagos
“I attended Advantage Learning's PRINCE2 Practitioner course in Edinburgh having applied through and been funded by Job Centre Plus.  Having taking Voluntary Severance from my previous employment I am looking for my next position.  Many of the Project Management roles being advertised require PRINCE2 and I wanted to ensure that I wasn't being disadvantaged by not having this qualification.  It was paramount that the course went ahead as scheduled and it was great to hear that Advantage Learning never cancels its courses.  There were enough attendees to make the course interactive and Colin was a first class instructor utilising power-point and flip charts to best effect.  I was delighted to pass both exams first time and now feel better equipped to apply for jobs requiring PRINCE2 registered Project Managers.”
Brian Curle, Funded by Job Centre Plus, Linlithgow
“Mike did  a first class job in transferring knowledge - excellent!!”
John Paul Lamberti PMP, Associate Director, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
“Paul took the MS Project course and he was great.  He showed me how to save time and communicate easier using Microsoft Project plans based on PRINCE2.  Paul never made anyone feel like they were asking silly questions and made the subject much more interesting.”
Claire Armstrong, Senior Business Analyst, AEGON UK, Edinburgh
“Lee is a great trainer. I haven't met other PRINCE2 trainers but I think if there's a position for top PRINCE2 trainer, he should have it.”
Ehimemeh Zedomi, Business Analyst, MTN, Lagos
“Course was intense, but never seemed rushed.  Paul clearly knew PRINCE2 well and was very knowledgeable in answering questions. He had a good way of explaining concepts and could DRAW them out clearly.”
Jeff Gore, Regional Director, Column Technologies Inc., Maryland
“Level of knowledge very high! Good delivery of course content at the right pace.”
Craig Alexander, Hutchison 3G, Maidenhead
“Very knowledgeable, explained theories in "real life" which helped out.”
Cara Brown, Business Systems Analyst, Wood Group Inc, Houston, Texas
“I can confirm that there were only myself and one other on the PRINCE 2 Practitioner course run at the Novotel Glasgow in the week commencing 22nd February 2010.  Both Advantage Learning instructors were excellent with extensive knowledge of the subject.  They reinforced the theory by recalling personal applications of project management throughout their career.  Alvin is a very good instructor using a mixture of visual aids, both power-point and flip charts.  Having two students on course allowed us to have more one on one time with the instructor and I passed the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams at the first attempt.”
Mark A Crockford, Ministry of Defence, Helensburgh
“Mike was brillant, I could have not scored as well without his teaching.”
Tracy Mellings, Controller,, Embrun, Ontario
“I had no hesitation to recommend this to a colleague.  For doing this I received some M&S vouchers, I also got the thanks of the person I recommended you too, as she passed her foundation and practitioner exams with the help of Advantage Learning.”
Fraser Doris, Planning & Performance Officer, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, Ayr
“All topics were clearly explained. Julie was very patient and good at answering questions”
Dale White, Senior Consultant, ICOR, Fort Washington, Maryland
“Exceptional in all areas.”
Jane Oghenerobo Osima, First Bank, Lagos
“I struck lucky finding Advantage Learning amongst the vast number of training providers for certified training in MSP, I passed first time.  I was so impressed with the quality and standards and the instructor's knowledge and keenness for students to do well, I returned to do my recertification in PRINCE2.   Rather than just sit the exam I chose to do the PRINCE2 2009 course and sit the new exam, with Advantage Learning I felt I was putting myself in the best position to pass (proved correct). I recommended Advantage Learning to a colleague who also went on to pass his PRINCE2 first time. I received a recommendation bonus of some M&S vouchers which went towards the family Christmas dinner from M&S. I am happy to recommend their services based on the excellent professional service they provided.”
William Connelly, Cyantec Ltd, Perthshire
“Thoroughly enjoyed.  Found Kate's style very useful.”
Ana Gallardo, Programme Manager, ITI Life Sciences,
Homayoun Khamooshi, Assistant Professor, George Washington University, Vienna, Virginia
“Mike was excellent.  Master of material and good at keeping group on track.  He is a great assest to Advantage Learning.”
Claire Fowles, Analyst, City of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
“Alvin made me feel confident/ comfortable to ask any question at any time. He always used an alternative explanation of example to help my understanding.”
Gillian Boyle, Scottish Government, Fife
“Excellent introduction to PRINCE2 and how it can be used.”
Sarah Glover, Information Analyst, Newcastle Hospitals, Saltburn
“I took Advantage Learning’s PRINCE2 in Glasgow on 22nd February.  Like many people today I am looking for my next position - so it was crucial for me that our course went ahead as promised.  When I booked the course it was explained that Advantage Learning never cancels its courses and, true enough, the class ran with just 2 students.  It made a huge difference that I could rely on the course going ahead and I had loads of time to ask questions and make sure that I was well prepared for the PRINCE2 exams.  I was delighted to pass both exams first time and am now applying for jobs as a Registered PRINCE2 Practitioner.”
Wendy Wilson, Funded by Job Centre Plus, Forfar
“Paul presented the material well, motivated and involved the participants and gave many pertinent (and humorous) examples to illustrate the material.”
Ailsa Weir, Consultant, Ottawa, Ontario
“I would like to say that the course was of great benefit to me. Advantage Learning made the whole experience very enjoyable from first point of contact through course content to post course follow up  I have therefore had no problem in recommending you to a number of my friends and colleagues who will be in touch with you to enrol on the PRINCE2 practitioner courses.”
Joseph Cowan, Project Manager, Edinburgh
“Excellent - explained things clearly and was very helpful and approachable.”
Tom Noble, Strategic Transportation Officer, City of London, London
“ Was the right kind of overview I needed as I am working as a member of project teams that are using PRINCE2.”
Paul Kelly, Web assistant, City of York Council,
“Well structured.”
Ian Laliberte PMP, Senior Manager PMO, Aviva Canada, Mississauga, Ontario
“It was very educational.”
Usman Shehu, Network Control Engineer, NNPC Group, Kaduna
“I just thought I’d let you know that as a result of passing the PRINCE2 Practitioner exams, I have been able to secure a sizeable Systems Implementation Project Management contract for a Local Authority. In addition, applying the PRINCE2 principles has made such a difference to getting the work done. In earlier contracts it was difficult to convince users of the benefits of strong Project Management disciplines, now PRINCE2 allows everyone to work to clearly defined objectives and in a structured approach. I would like to add that passing the examination would not have been possible without your excellent training and also your personal input. At the end of the week’s training, I felt not only confident in taking the examination, I also felt I had fully absorbed the fundamentals of PRINCE2. Which was not bad considering this was the first week long training course and examination I had taken in 20 years! I hope your impressive success rate continues – once again my thanks for your help.”
Frank Bramwell, Director, Network Associates, Stafford
“Excellent job! Made the subject interesting with good use of examples.”
Elizabeth Cook, Assistant Project Manager, Atkins Asset Management
“Paul is a fantastic trainer. He was very encouraging and helpful from start to finish.”
Jacqueline Wilson, Visiting Nurse Service of NY, Bergen, New York
“Excellent trainer - one of the best I have had.”
Gary Scheurmann, Project Manager, Manitoba eHealth, Winnipeg, Manitoba
“Excellent, pitched just right for my needs.”
John Downer, Senior Professional, Jacobs, Glasgow
“The flow of information is superbly intuitive. Builds on excellent understanding.”
Louis Troise, Engineering Consultant, Column Technologies Inc., New York City
“Excellent - simplified - worked well.”
Alice Menzies, Sykes Global Services Ltd, Livingston
“A very useful introduction.”
Shaun Fogarty, Business Analyst, Craven District Council, Skipton, Yorkshire
“Excellent trainer…very, very knowledgeable and organized.”
Peter Milsom, PMP, Aegian Consulting, Ottawa, Ontario
“I was very apprehensive before starting the PRINCE2 course as it had been some time since I last studied and all the old starting first day of school memories came flooding back.  The Advantage Learning trainer (Kate) was fantastic though.  She immediately put everyone at ease with her down to earth and amusing way of training.  Some parts of PRINCE2 can be dry but Kate made these areas a lot easier with her style.  She also used her vast project management experience to demonstrate points in the course, which made it much easier to put into context of the real world.  She was very approachable and I never felt like I was asking a stupid question.  She even gave us her phone number in case we had any burning questions before the exams but it also gave anyone in the group a chance to speak to her away from the rest of the class.  I put my passing of both the Foundation and Practitioner course down to Kate and Advantage Learning.”
Claire Armstrong, Senior Business Analyst, AEGON UK, Edinburgh
“Paul is a very effective trainer and somehow managed to keep us all going through these last 3 days.”
Rachel Smith, Project Manager, City of York Council
“And can I take a moment to say, I thought that the whole course - the organisation, the instructor, and your flexibility in helping me sit the exam at another time - was exceptional.  I will definitely be recommending you to others.”
Charlotte McClintock, ICT Co-ordinator, Edinburgh
“Very knowledgeable and clearly presented.”
Carol Fetterly, IT Project Manager, Environment Canada, Ottawa
Chitresh Sen, Consultant, Dubai Internet City, UAE
“Jario Ltd was extremely pleased with the training we undertook to achieve PRINCE2 Practitioner status.  The qualification has allowed us to tender for a wider range of work with larger customers than previously, and is already contributing to our growth.  The PRINCE2 system itself is proving to us that it genuinely improves our control over projects in structured project work. Advantage Learning did an excellent job training both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses, using good real world examples, and showing patience to allow delegates to keep pace with the schedule. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Advantage Learning for PRINCE2 training.”
Chris Brighouse, CEO, Jario Ltd, Bothwell
“Victor is the most professional, polished trainer I have expereinced in my 31 years in this industry.  ”
Chris Schrader, Project Manager, Manitoba eHealth
“Excellent. Pace and content very well balanced. ”
Alison Hunt, IT Project worker, City of York Council, York
“With this new found knowledge, I have been able to quantify and qualify all that was required for my current project.  Documentation of the role of the Project Board, it's members, Risks, Issues, Change Request Forms, etc, paid off.  PRINCE2 not only confirmed by experiences of previous project work but enabled me to overcome, quite a few obstacles along they way.  I didn't even need to follow PRINCE2 to the full letter of the 'law'.  I just needed it to put together what was necessary as a Project Manager to reach my targets.  I will now be mentoring my sub-ordinates to reach the same goals and proficiency.  Thanks ADVANTAGE LEARNING.”
Paul Poppa, Project Manager, Lothian University Hospitals Division, Edinburgh
“Very good for the amount we had to cover in 3 days, Victor was very effective as an instructor.”
Randene Sosnowsky, Project Analyst, Manitoba eHealth, St Andrews, Manitoba
“I took the PRINCE2 training with Advantage Learning after being made redundant.  Despite many years as a project manager, I had no formal management qualifications and so I found it hard to stand out in a crowded jobs market.  Advantage Learning ran the PRINCE2 course with just 4 of us and all the participants agreed that the course - while intense - was enjoyable and hugely useful.  The trainer was someone who used PRINCE2 on a daily basis and knew the practical approaches to its application in the real world.   As soon as I was able to list PRINCE2 as a qualification I saw a measurable difference in the responses to my job applications; employers took the qualification seriously and understood what it meant.”
Thomas Johnston, Funded by Job Centre Plus, Edinburgh
“Excellent course, addressing every Prince2 Project Manager's nightmare;  how do I apply Prince2 methodologies and use MS Project?”
Tam Ferry, Project Manager, Proclad International Ltd, Fife
“The trainer adapted the training to meet the specific needs of the projects that I will be dealing with and also helped me with gaps in my knowledge.  He stayed late to cover additional material with me and was very thorough.  I would highly recommend Advantage Learning again as they were excellent value for money.”
Laura Vermeulen, Manager, The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
“ NHS Lothian has commissioned Advantage Learning’s courses since 2003.  We particularly like their focus on quality  both in the organisation of courses and also the delivery. Advantage Learning has run many in-house classes for our  staff  in PRINCE2, MSP and Microsoft Project. Customer feedback has always been very positive. Their training staff have always demonstrated expert  knowledge in all subject areas and each course is tailored to reflect the Health Care environment and the NHS.”
Dr Nancy Kirkland, Advanced Practice Regional Education Coordinator, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh
“Thank you to Colin Williams, for be more than a teacher.  You are actually a Master”
Alexandre Rocha do Nascimento, Engenharia / Apoio à Gestão, Petrobras, Sao Paulo, Brasil
“I wanted to take a moment to pass on my thanks to you and your team for what proved to be a very positive and rewarding training experience.  The tutor, Mike, was terrific – a real expert in PRINCE2, a great teacher, and thoroughly nice guy.  I was also impressed by Johan Stewart who was professional and helpful in dealing with my queries.  She was also very approachable and cheerful, and always a real pleasure to deal with.”
David Ferguson, Programme Manager, Scottish Government, Edinburgh
“I attended PRINCE2 course in Edinburgh, motivated in large part as a step to getting back into employment following redundancy.   However, I also wanted to gain a more formal perspective to build on my own PM experiences to date.  Kate, the course tutor, was rock solid in her delivery of course material and in answering questions, clearly displaying an impressive background of practical, real-world (sometimes ugly) experience. She also delivered the course with patience and good humour, while keeping us focused and time-boxed. It was an intense week, and at times felt that I could be facing a resit, but I would say that it is testimony to the rigor and focus of Advantage Learning's course, and its delivery, that I passed both the Foundation and Practitioner exams at the first attempt.”
Rory Macdonald, Contractor, Edinburgh
“The course was excellently organised, supported and delivered. Alvin was a superb instructor, drawing on many years of experience and lots of very useful memorable real life examples to help reinforce the learning. He made time for everyone's pace of learning and questions and took into account our backgrounds to try and make it more relevant to each individual. Advantage Learning were on hand for any support required prior to the course. ”
Orielle Taylor, Safer Communities Advisor, Scottish Government, Edinburgh
“One of the most knowledgeable, amusing & interesting (keeping class interest) trainers I have had dealings with.”
Lorraine Anderson, Production Manager, Identity and Passport Service, Cowcaddens
“Very good.”
Sylvain Lacharité PMP, Senior Project Manager, Novell, Hamilton, Ontario
“Thoroughly enjoyed the course.”
Elaine Brennan, Configuration Librarian, OKI, Cumbernauld
“As an experienced Project Manager I needed most help with the 'language' of PRINCE2, however the patience and clarity in presentation from the trainer facilitated the transition in good order.  Thank you Advantage Learning for helping me achieve PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.”
Gary Palmer, Project Manager, East Kilbride
“The teaching provided was excellent and the support and guidance helped a great deal in aiding my understanding of the main themes. I would recommend this course for individuals who are looking to complete the PRINCE2 course but who haven't come from a Project Management background.”
Paul Di Ciacca, Team Manager, Atos Orgin, Glasgow
“Thanks to all at Advantage Learning, Jo from her initial set up and assistance and Steven and Alvin who delivered the course using very unique teaching methods pulling on their own years of PRINCE2 Experience to use Real Life Examples in order to explain the Principles of PRINCE2. The location and Facilities provided during the course were also excellent. I would recommend  Advantage Learning to anyone as I would imagine them hard to top (and already have to several colleagues)”
Ritchie Don, Business/Tech Analyst, Shell, Glasgow
“The trainers were very knowledgeable about PRINCE2 methods and used plenty of examples to relate the theory to “real life” projects.  Both Steven and Alvin were very approachable and helpful.  Steven and Alvin took time to explain that things would fall into place as the week went on – and they were right.   Their knowledge of how the exam was structured and their tips on how to approach it were very useful.”
Katherine Burke, Project Manager, Glasgow
“This was an excellent course to enable you to match up PRINCE2 with the practical application of MS Project.  The trainer created a comfortable atmosphere for learning and was extremely knowledgeable, questions were encouraged.  The Pace of the course was comfortable and allowed students to ask questions as the course progressed.  We were able to see the benefits of taking time to set up a project plan correctly and the benefits that this yields throughout in terms of tracking and reporting.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Advantage Learning.”
Fiona Duncan, Project Manager, Glasgow
“I was very happy with my recent PRINCE2 course. The tutor was knowledgeable and able to communicate the course material in an efficient and engaging manner. I would not hesitate to use Advantage Learning as a training resource in the future. ”
T.O’Shaughnessy, Project Manager, Inverurie
“Really well presented.”
Penny Shorter, Legal Research Officer, Isle of Wight Council
“I found the PRINCE2 Practioner course run by Advantage Learning to be of a very high standard. All the team and our trainer were excellent throughout, helping us to learn and fully understand the course in a clear and concise manner. This was complimented by a great venue and course materials. I would strongly recommend Advantage Learning if you are looking to become a PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner.”
Richie Hume, Production Manager, Redhouse Lane Communications, Glasgow
“Excellent trainer!  Very knowledable.  Inspired confidence - well done Mike!!”
Jo-Anne Darling, IT Manager, Environment Canada, Gatineau, Quebec
“From the beginning the correspondence and pre-course information was top class, made you feel welcome and provided me with the relevant information required. The training itself was intensive, but pitched at the relevant level and the support from the trainer was top class. I would highly recommend Advantage Learning to anyone. I have actually recommended to a colleague of mine to get in touch!”
Neil Burn, Participation and Training Manager, Scottish Youth Parliament, Edinburgh
“A very efficient company, fantastic trainer and superb environment for training (Novotel Glasgow).  The course itself was a complete immersion in the subject matter for the week.  The trainer was excellent, knowledgeable and effective, but a major contributing factor to choosing Advantage was that they NEVER cancel a course, even if you are the only attendee.  In these austere times and with the business need to plan ahead, just knowing you will not have to reschedule the training and realign your diary is a fantastic selling point.”
Martin O'Hara, Project Manager, East Kilbride
“Even better, we are actually applying things we learned!”
Kent Worden PMP, Program Manager, nGrain Corporation, Vancouver
““I would like to thank Advantage Learning for the excellent Prince2 course they provided and  especially  thank the trainer Steven Gardiner who was endlessly patient and made the course interesting and amusing (because, let’s face it – the subject can be a little dry). Everyone on my course passed their practitioner’s exam which was fantastic. If anyone is going to take this course, I would strongly recommend doing the pre-course reading; there is a lot of work to get through in the five days as it is. I have already and will continue to recommend Advantage Learning as an excellent supplier of courses; I have been on many during my career in IT; and this stands out as one of the best. Thank you.””
Morag McEwan, East Ayrshire Council
““I arrived at Advantage learning and my first impression was how professional the team were. They courses were organized, everyone knew where they were going and it set the scene for the week. The trainer was engaging, interactive and sought views, ideas and experiences that they challenges his thinking. The course itself was intense and knowing that the pass rate was quite high, it made me more determined to give my all. Advantage learning is a pleasant environment to work within, has great and positive people within its organization and really engaging tools and techniques to support the entire knowledge transfer process. They want people to succeed and I could sense the ownership that the trainer felt in getting everyone to a place where it set them up for success in the examinations.””
Stephen Jones, Project Engineering Manager, Diageo, London
““...recommended by my colleagues, I booked a place on a course. From the beginning the administrative staff at Advantage Learning were friendly, courteous and helpful.  This was also reflected in Steven Gardener, the course trainer, whose knowledge and enthusiasm made what could be a dull course interesting and enjoyable.  I just have to say thanks to the staff at Advantage Learning for successfully getting me through my PRINCE2 examinations."”
Ty Mansfield, NATO, Germany
“"Colin conducted the course with great skill and sensitivity.  Colin’s approach was just right for the mixed group, presenting opportunities for all to participate, but without pressure on anyone to do so.  I know we all felt the content was somewhat dry at times, but Colin helped make the week interesting with examples from real life that caused the penny to drop.  I will certainly be recommending Advantage Learning and Colin in particular for future training needs in Argyll and Bute."”
David Clements, Argyll and Bute Council
“"Awesome!! Yipee!! Thank you so much! And pls thank Alvin the trainer as well."”
"Christine A. Licari, MBA, Manager, Strategic Investment & Project Management, RCMP, Ottawa
“"The Management of Portfolios course was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it"”
John Tannahill, Head of Strategy & Planning, The Crown Office, Edinburgh
““Advantage Learning’s Prince2 course was the perfect way to formailise my project management experience. The course trainer (Steve Gardiner) was the most helpful. knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher of any course I have been on in the past 15 years. A perfect blend of practicality and formalised learning.””
Marco Reece-Heal, IT Business Analyst, Midlothian Council
“"The organisation was perfect from the moment i applied to go on the course, through to completion. I paricularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the course and found the trainer, Alvin very helpful as youd expect but also very easy to understand and his method of teaching was first class."”
David McDowell, Project Leader, Bailey Teswaine, Fife
““From a personal viewpoint this was probably the most worthwhile and enjoyable training course I have attended and much of this was down to the trainer.   Steven was a brilliant tutor and kept it extremely interesting and informative throughout.  Highly recommended!””
Karen Riddick, Business Support Manager, SEPA, Stirling
“I was impressed by the standard of the Trainer who demystified a number of confusing issues during the 5 day course. This was good preparation for the final exams and I am happy to recommend Advantage to others thinking to enroll on a Prince 2 course.”
Jon Boyce, Consultant, Scottish Development International, East Kilbride
“Recently attended the P2 F&P course held in Toronto, delivered by Steven Gardiner of Advantage Learning, Edinburgh UK. Although the course was rather gruelling, I was very impressed with the course material and especially Steven's expert knowledge, and excellent instruction. I would highly recommend Advantage Learning for this course, and will be looking to take additional courses in the not to distant future. Job well done!”
Paul Sobering, PCSI Consulting Services, Toronto
“Having taken several project management courses through various providers, I would recommend Advantage Learning's Prince 2 course not only for the knowledgeable and experienced instructors but also for its smaller class size .”
WM, Project Manager, Toronto
“I cannot speak highly enough of our tutor Steven Gardiner.  As someone who last sat an exam before most of those present had been born, and had had only two weeks notice of attendance, it was going to take someone of Steven’s quality to get me through.  I am glad to say he did just that.”
Neil Stobie, Office Servies Manager, Glasgow
“I have taken many on-line courses over the years and I would highly recommend Advantage Learning’s PRINCE2 online course, as it is very well presented and comprehensive (particularly valuable were the support materials and practice exams). The cost is very reasonable considering that it includes vouchers for both exams as well as a copy of the official PRINCE2 manual.  Dealing with Advantage was also a positive experience as their staff were always extremely helpful and professional.”
Rick Ellson, Senior Consultant, CGI, Saskatoon
“I have taken many on-line courses over the years and I would highly recommend Advantage Learning’s PRINCE2 online course, as it is very well presented and comprehensive (particularly valuable were the support materials and practice exams). The cost is very reasonable considering that it includes vouchers for both exams as well as a copy of the official PRINCE2 manual.  Dealing with Advantage was also a positive experience as their staff were always extremely helpful and professional.”
Cheryl Caron, Winnipeg Police Service, Canada
“Advantage Learning have provided Sport Northern Ireland will a range of online training courses including PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner and Managing Successful Programmes. They displayed a professional and friendly approach throughout, from the initial needs identification, to the organisation, delivery and support offered while our staff studied for the courses. The level of customer service was exceptional at all times with all queries with regard to the online training being responded to quickly and with genuine interest. We would have no hesitation in recommending Advantage Learning in the future.”
Kristine Telford, HR Business Partner, Sport Northern Ireland
“This was an excellent course (MS Project + PRINCE2 Course) which de-mystified the topic and provided a practical step by step approach which everyone can use - thank you!”
JF, Project Manager, Scottidh Government, Edinburgh
“I felt that both courses lived up to their billing, and more! Both the PRINCE2 Foundation course and PRINCE2 with MS Project were delivered by course leaders who clearly knew their stuff and were more than happy to discuss how the principle could be applied to the real-life project I am leading, helping make the link between theory and practice, which was very important to me and my organisation. As a beginner to project management I feel that the courses helped give me the confidence I needed to lead and enhance my current project and to fulfil the role of Project Leader.”
Lucy Thomas, Project Leader, James Walker & Co, Cockermouth

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