What if I don't pass PRINCE2 first time?

This is one of the most common questions we get from students before the course

The good news is that by taking an Advantage Learning course you have a much better than average chance of passing, and a good safety net if you don't.

Pass PRINCE2 Foundation exam

Advantage Learning has a 99% first time pass rate on the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.  Before you say, "Advantage Learning must be really good" (which is true, of course ;), it's a fact that most students get through the Foundation first time.  

The Foundation exam is a memory test - it checks your understanding of PRINCE2 and your knowledge of all the key parts.  If you do the work, you’ll pass this one, no problem

If you're one of the 1% who doesn't pass PRINCE2 Foundation first time, don't worry.  Advantage Learning gives you an immediate free resit.  There's always a spare paper in the exam pack for this possibility so you can just have another go and get it second time round

Pass PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

This one is harder - it should be, because it's a professional exam.  Over the years, Advantage Learning has always had an above average pass rate in the PRINCE2 Practitioner.  We're open and honest about our pass rates - we publish them every quarter so you can see how we're doing.

Our exam success is down to good materials and good trainers.  The Advantage PRINCE2 trainers have years of experience teaching the method and helping students gain their qualifications.  The whole of Day 4 of your course is spent on exam preparation, so you'll be well prepared when it comes to taking the test

Re-taking PRINCE2 Practitioner

If you don't pass PRINCE2 Practitioner first time you can take it again at cost price.  We just want you to pass, so if you need to take it again, we only charge you what it costs us.  We're not interested in making money out of you twice.

If you fail at the first attempt, you'll get your score and, based on that, we can make recommendations.  There's a number of possibilities here:

Missed it one or two marks?

Take the exam again as soon as you can, while the information is still fresh.  You can do this at any of our public courses in Edinburgh or Glasgow.  They're never cancelled, so you can book the date and pass second time round

Low marks on one or two questions?

This usually means you either need to do a bit more work on these subjects, or you ran out of time.  Whatever it is, we can give you some tips and get you ready for the re-take

Missed it by quite a few marks?

You might need a bit more training to get you back up to speed.  Lots of students repeat Day 4 of the course and then take the exam again on Day 5.  As before we only charge you cost price for this

Taking Advantage - the best chance to pass PRINCE2 first time! 

So there you are:  by taking an Advantage Learning course you have a better than average chance of passing first time.  We publish our exam pass rates so you can see how we're doing.  If you don't pass we won't charge you any more than cost price to get you through second time.  And the Foundation resit is free

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