PRINCE2 Agile - the best of both worlds

PRINCE2 Agile working togetherPRINCE2 Agile is the first ever extension to the PRINCE2 methodology. 

Designed for PRINCE2 project managers, PRINCE2 Agile shows you how the PRINCE2 method and agile approaches should be blended together. 

Teams that do this will benefit from the good governance and structure of PRINCE2 and the early delivery, value and flexibility associated with Agile. 

Advantage Learning ran the first ever PRINCE2 Agile course in Scotland and a schedule of courses is now avaialble so you can qualify as a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner

    Why PRINCE2 Agile?

    Agile approaches are becoming more popular for a number of reasons:

    • Incremental delivery of products – which enable faster implementation and benefits realization
    • Fixed timescales – change is accepted and “something” is delivered on time, rather than everything, later.   There’s a strong focus on 80/20 thinking
    • Collaborative working – Agile encourages active user involvement in the product development

    Does Agile replace PRINCE2?

      No.  PRINCE2 is already Agile, it always has been.  Using Agile in a PRINCE2 environment is an intelligent use of PRINCE2’s Tailoring Principle or the addition of useful techniques at the work package level.  The team that wrote PRINCE2:2009 were very clear that they "put in the plumbing" for other approaches, including agile.

      But there has been much discussion and uncertainty in the project management community.  Different sides have proclaimed the early death of PRINCE2 (aka “traditional project management”) or expressed concern about the lack of governance and rigour in Agile.  No official guidance has been available.  Until now.

      If you're already using agile, the new guidance shows you how to "blend and weave" the two approaches for maximum effect.  PRINCE2 Agile has been written to benefit IT and non-IT projects.  It can be used if your current agile practice is basic, mature or non-existent!

      New and Official guidance PRINCE2 Agile

      With this new extension, PRINCE2 project managers and Agile developers will benefit from clear guidance on how to adapt and adopt to get the best from these complementary approaches.  Included are

      • PRINCE2 Agile behaviours including collaboration, rich communication, self-organization, transparency and exploration
      • Guidance on how to apply agile behaviours, frameworks, concepts and techniques into a PRINCE2 project
      • Advice on using agile fundamentals and techniques such as collaborative teams, open communications and stand ups
      • Mappings between agile roles and those in a PRINCE2 project.  Where, for example, does a Scrum Master fit into a PRINCE2 project?
      • An exam to complement your PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner qualification

      PRINCE2 Agile exam

      The exam qualification is a 2.5 hour multiple choice test based on scenarios.  It tests if you can analyse and apply PRINCE2 in scenario situations.  This means that it is set at Levels 3 and 4 of Blooms taxonomy, similar to the existing PRINCE2 Practitioner level.  The pass mark is 60%

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